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Heartbreaking Oscar Moments of Leonardo DiCaprio

Relive Those Painful Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Nominations

Leonardo DiCaprio | Famous Celebrity Bible

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Nominations – Yes, you at long last inhaled a murmur of alleviation when your most loved Leonardo DiCaprio at last won an Oscar for the Best Actor for his part in The Revenant. Nonetheless, wouldn't you say it came very late and there were ordinarily when Leo merited an Oscar yet he didn't? 

More awful were the circumstances when The Academy did not by any means consider Leonardo DiCaprio for Oscar selections. Those Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar designations, and in addition times when he didn't get an assignment, were really shocking for him and in addition for his extremist fans like you. 

1. What's Eating Gilbert Grape 

What's Eating Gilbert Grape  | Famous Celebrity Bible

Did you realise that Leonardo DiCaprio earned his first Oscar assignment at 18 years old? He assumed the part of a slow-witted kid and featured close by Johnny Depp in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." Although he was only an adolescent grown-up around then, he assumed the mind-boggling part with astounding genuineness and profundity. 

2. The Wolf Of Wall Street 

The Wolf Of Wall Street | Famous Celebrity Bible

On the off chance that there was one motion picture for which everybody thought Leo would, at last, win the pinned for the brilliant statue, it was The Wolf of Wall Street. It was the fifth excursion of Leonardo with Martin Scorsese who made an epic biopic on the life of Wall Street Jordan Belfort. Leonardo without a doubt gave one of the best exhibitions of his profession in this motion picture and got an Oscar assignment. 

3. The Aviator 

 The Aviator  | Famous Celebrity Bible

You will be astonished to realise that Leonardo built up an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) while planning to assume the part of Howard Hughes in his biopic. Outstandingly, Hughes was a gigantically multi-faceted identity who was a pilot mogul, a Hollywood maker, and executive, and a very rich person. 

4. Blood Diamond 

Blood Diamond  | Famous Celebrity Bible

In the year 2007, Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of the day got selected for Best Actor for his part of a runner and previous soldier of fortune in Blood Diamond. Leo experienced escalated look into while get ready for this part and invested energy with ex-military experts while honing a South African. 

5. Django Unchained 

Django Unchained | Famous Celebrity Bible

Among all Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar selections, this is the one never happened, however, ought to have been on the highest priority on the rundown. This is one of the best Leonardo DiCaprio exhibitions which, to the stun of everybody, did not by any means get designated for the Oscars.

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